The Best Garage Door Thresholds of 2022

Seal out water, debris, dust, and pests with the best garage door threshold that’s durable and simple to install.

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The Best Garage Door Threshold Option


The narrow gap at the bottom of a closed garage door is more than enough space for dirt, leaves, blowing snow, and rain to find their way inside, making a mess of your garage. Mice, rats, roaches, and other pests can also use this opening for easy access to your garage—and even to your home if you have an attached garage. However, a simple remedy for keeping out the elements and reducing the likelihood of pest infestations is a garage door threshold.

The best garage door threshold is typically made with a cushioned rubber or vinyl top and may feature an aluminum frame to install the seal to the bottom of a garage door. This guide will explore the most important factors to consider as you shop for this handy item and offer a look at some of the top products on the market to properly seal your garage.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Papillon Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal Strip
  2. RUNNER UP: Eapele 20ft Garage Door Threshold Seal
  3. BEST FOR LARGE DOORS: Tsunami Seal Lifetime Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit
  4. BEST FOR MOISTURE: Weather Defender Garage Door Threshold Floor Seal
  5. BEST FOR DUST: ToLanbbt Universal Garage Door Rubber Threshold Strip
  6. BEST FOR PESTS: M-D Building Products Garage Door Threshold Kit
  7. ALSO CONSIDER: PANADY 20ft Garage Door Seal
The Best Garage Door Threshold Option


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Garage Door Threshold

Few situations can ruin a day faster than walking to the garage in the morning to find that a late-night rainstorm has completely flooded it, ruining tools and materials in the process.

To help avoid this problem, as well as issues with blowing debris and pest infestations, choose a garage door threshold that has the proper size proportions for the garage opening, watertight protection, and a soft but durable construction that will secure the garage without damaging the door through regular use.

Keep reading to learn more about these and other important factors to consider when choosing the best garage door threshold.


Determine the necessary height of the garage door threshold by measuring the gap between the bottom of the garage door and the garage floor when the door is closed. To ensure that the measurements are accurate for the entire length of the gap, take measurements at semi-regular intervals.

After finding the correct height, look for a suitable garage door threshold that will fit the space while forming a tight, waterproof seal. For homes that have frequent problems with standing rainwater and storms, investing in a taller threshold is recommended. By installing this taller threshold slightly away from the garage door, it still creates a seal while allowing the door to close easily.


The required length of the garage door threshold is easy to measure. Just use a tape measure to determine the length of the garage door opening and look for a product that is slightly longer. This extra length ensures that the threshold can be customized to the specific garage door to form a watertight seal.

Typically, a garage door threshold ranges from 10 to 20 feet in length. To achieve the desired length for a specific garage, the soft rubber or vinyl can be cut with a utility knife. A threshold with an aluminum base can be customized with a hacksaw. Rather than a single 20-foot piece of aluminum that must be cut to size, these products usually include several short aluminum strips for use as needed.


The best garage door threshold is constructed with waterproof material designed to protect the garage from dust, debris, and pests. The material is intended to be flexible for two reasons: One, so the garage door isn’t damaged when it closes, and two, so the door forms a tight seal with the garage floor to block rain, dirt and debris, and pests from entering the garage.

Common materials used to make a garage door threshold include aluminum, rubber, and vinyl. Aluminum creates a durable, stiff frame that resists shifting and can be secured to the bottom of the garage door. Rubber and vinyl are both the primary materials to make the threshold seal. These materials are waterproof, flexible, and durable, so they can withstand the weight of the garage door while keeping out water, dirt, and pests.


The purpose of a garage door threshold is to protect the garage itself and all the tools, appliances, vehicles, and other valuables contained inside. This generally refers to keeping rainwater, standing water, or melting snow from running into the garage and flooding the floor,  but protection doesn’t stop there.

The best garage door threshold can also act as a physical barrier that prevents leaves, dirt, and other debris from being blown into the garage. Additionally, the seal can keep out pests, like mice, rats, snakes, and roaches, while helping to insulate the garage from outdoor temperatures. This simple device secures the garage, creating a more pleasant place to store items and work on projects.


Installing a garage door threshold shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, it’s a simple project that even beginner DIYers should be able to complete by following these steps:

  1. Sweep and clean the area where the threshold will be installed.
  2. Allow the ground to dry, and then lay the threshold down in position and measure the length and width.
  3. Cut the threshold to the appropriate length, then mark the borders of the threshold before removing it.
  4. Apply adhesive to the garage floor between the marked borders.
  5. Carefully place the garage door threshold over the adhesive, ensuring that it lays inside the borders.
  6. Close the garage door to allow the weight to secure the threshold while the adhesive cures for about 24 hours.

Keep in mind that many products do not include adhesive, so this may need to be a separate purchase before installing the garage door threshold.

Our Top Picks

The best garage door threshold can protect the flooring of a garage while keeping valuables secure and free of damage from water, debris, and pests. The top picks feature a selection of these versatile products in a variety of categories chosen with overall quality, price, and the above-mentioned considerations in mind.

Best Overall

The Best Garage Door Threshold Option: Papillon Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal Strip

This universal garage door threshold from Papillon is 20 feet long, and it’s easy to customize with a utility knife for a perfect fit along the entire length of the garage door opening. The rubber threshold is 3.5 inches wide and 0.5 inches in height, preventing leaves, dirt, grass, rain, snow, snakes, and rodents from invading the garage.

The EPDM rubber is designed to withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures. The quality of the weatherproof seal doesn’t shift, crack, or dry out with temperature fluctuations, enabling it to reduce the corrosion and rust that can be caused by pooling and freezing water.

The threshold also features a high-visibility yellow strip to guide drivers entering or exiting the garage in poor lighting conditions. It installs quickly with adhesive. However, the adhesive isn’t included with purchase.


  • Fully weatherproof seal: keeps rain, wind, snow, and leaves outside
  • Soft rubber for excellent seal with ground and garage door
  • Multiple lengths available; easy to cut for custom fit
  • Bright yellow markings guide night drivers and reduce tripping


  • Does not include adhesive

Runner Up

The Best Garage Door Threshold Option: Eapele 20ft Garage Door Threshold Seal Weatherproof

The durable rubber material of this garage door threshold from Eapele forms a weatherproof seal that keeps out rain, blowing snow, leaves, dirt, and other debris. The soft rubber is designed for extreme temperatures, allowing it to resist cracking or shifting from -40 degrees to 284 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite the robust resistance to temperature, this garage door threshold is easy to cut with a utility knife, so the 20-foot length can be reduced to the appropriate size for the garage door opening. The threshold also features a bright yellow line that stands out at night and in dim lighting to help drivers safely navigate in and out of the garage. However, this garage door threshold doesn’t include the adhesive to secure it to the garage floor.


  • Designed to hold up under extreme temperatures
  • Reduces rusting on metal door frame parts
  • Anti-slip lines ensure secure seal between strip and floor
  • Strips slightly longer than listed length to ensure enough material


  • Only available in 10- and 20-foot lengths
  • Does not include adhesive

Best for Large Doors

The Best Garage Door Threshold Option: Tsunami Seal 53050 Lifetime Garage Door Threshold

Ensure that a large garage is protected from dirt, debris, blowing snow, water, and pests with this garage door threshold from Tsunami Seal that measures 50 feet in length. The threshold can be customized to fit the exact space with a utility knife; it could even be cut in half for use with two garage door openings. It is available in three color options: black, brown, and gray.

The garage door threshold boasts a waterproof seal that also helps insulate the garage, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Measuring 0.5 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width, this threshold is compatible with roll-up doors, hinged doors, and walk-through doors. It includes five tubes of adhesive for simple installation.


  • Available in sizes from 8.5 feet to 100 feet
  • Seals tightly to keep out snakes, rodents, and insects
  • Works with roll-up, hinged, and walk-through doors
  • Available in three colors to match garage flooring
  • Includes 5 tubes of high-quality adhesive


  • Strip height may require repositioning locking latches on roll-up doors
  • Vinyl material may expand and contract, compromising the adhesive

Best for Moisture

The Best Garage Door Threshold Option: Weather Defender Original Ultimate Garage Door

Rainwater can seep into a garage and cause damage to the tools and materials inside. Especially during winter weather, standing water in a garage may freeze and can lead to cracks in the poured concrete floor. To help prevent damage to the garage and its contents, this eco-PVC rubber garage door threshold from Weather Defender seals out water, snow, ice, and freezing winds that can drive these elements indoors. It also keeps out leaves, dust and debris, and pests like rats, mice, and snakes.

The threshold seals to the floor with a grooved base, creating an ideal surface for the included adhesive. Measuring 0.63 inches in height, 3.5 inches in width, and 16.5 inches in length, it can be customized to the correct length with a utility knife. This garage door threshold also boasts an integrated yellow strip to increase nighttime visibility and anti-slip ridges for safety.


  • Strong enough for commercial and residential applications
  • Works with all door types and all vehicles
  • Marine-grade PVC holds up to extreme weather
  • Tear-off strip creates straight edge for a tight seal


  • Included adhesive not appropriate for all garage flooring materials

Best for Dust

The Best Garage Door Threshold Option: ToLanbbt 10Ft/3M Universal Garage Door Threshold

This garage door threshold from ToLanbbt forms a watertight seal that keeps out dust, dirt, debris, blowing leaves, and rain. It features a grooved base that forms a tight bond between the threshold and the garage floor, making this product ideal for use on concrete, asphalt, and painted and treated surfaces. The rubber threshold also boasts anti-slip ridges and a bright yellow safety strip across the entire length to make it easier to see in dim lighting conditions.

The flexible EPDM rubber is durable and resistant to extreme high and low temperatures, so it doesn’t shift, crack, or dry out in severe conditions. The garage door threshold is 0.5 inches in height, 3.5 inches in width, and 20 feet in length and can be customized with nothing more than a utility knife. However, this product doesn’t include an adhesive.


  • Multi-grooved base allows a tighter seal
  • Flexible EPDM rubber withstands temperature changes without shrinking
  • Holds up to daily drive-over without shifting or losing seal
  • Bright yellow strip guides night drivers and reduces tripping


  • Adhesive not included
  • Specialty adhesive may be required for epoxy or painted floors

Best for Pests

The Best Garage Door Threshold Option: M-D Building Products 50100 M-D Single Garage Door

The garage is susceptible to infestations from insects, rodents, and snakes. With a garage door threshold, the gap between the garage door and the floor can be completely sealed ensuring snow, water, and frigid wind—much less a variety of critters—cannot penetrate the space. This durable vinyl garage door threshold from M-D Building Products helps insulate the garage when the door is down, slowing the transfer of heat through the door.

This garage door threshold is easy to install. The silicone adhesive is included, so it only needs to be measured, cut, and laid; no need to run out to purchase adhesive. The threshold measures 0.5 inches in height, 3.5 inches in width, and 10 feet in length, making it a good choice for a one-door garage. Additionally, the threshold can be trimmed to the length of the specific garage door opening.


  • Thinner product allows truly custom fit between rails
  • Gently sloped profile does not interfere with door operation
  • Vinyl maintains contact with garage door seal for tight seal
  • Silicone adhesive included creates tight bond with most garage floors


  • May require additional purchase of different adhesive
  • Lower profile may not complete seal higher-clearance doors

Also Consider

The Best Garage Door Threshold Option: Panady Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold

Save time and money with this easy-to-install garage door threshold by PANADY that boasts a unique grooved base designed to increase the strength of the adhesive bond between the threshold and the floor. The threshold is about 20 feet in length, making it ideal for a two-door garage, and the length can also be customized with a utility knife, if necessary. It is 0.5 inches in height and 3.5 inches wide.

The durable and heavy-duty eco-PVC rubber garage door threshold seals out water, dirt, debris, and pests as well as helping to insulate the garage from exterior temperatures. In addition to textured ridges to reduce the chance of slipping, it features a bright yellow strip that increases visibility at night and in dim lighting conditions.


  • Eco-PVC rubber holds up to tough weather conditions
  • Six bottom grooves increase the security of the seal
  • Available in 10- and 20-foot lengths
  • Universal design works with any garage door bottom seal type


  • Not available in wider lengths
  • PVC rubber may warp or bend if compressed in transit

Our Verdict

Papillon’s Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal Strip offers a universal fit, extra features including nonslip grooves on the floor side for excellent adhesion, nonslip strips on top for tire and foot traction, and a visibility line to prevent tripping. The soft but durable material is compatible with most garage door bottom seals and will provide a weather- and pest-resistant seal. If your garage door already sits fairly close to the floor, the Weather Defender Garage Door Threshold Floor Seal’s tear-off strip may make it easier to create a tight seal to keep out water, dust, and pets without interfering with the closing mechanism of the door.

How We Chose the Best Garage Door Thresholds 

Garage door threshold seals look pretty similar when held up side by side, so we looked at specific features to identify the best options. Available lengths and the ability to trim the strip to size were the first critical features. We excluded thresholds made with materials that were inflexible or insufficiently waterproof. The materials used in the best seals, from eco-PVC to natural rubber to EPDM rubber, each feature different temperature resistance and a different type of deal to garage door bottom seals. A particularly important criteria for making this list was the ability to get a good seal between the threshold and the garage flooring; extra grooves to allow glue to spread out helps, and often it’s helpful when the threshold manufacturer includes their preferred adhesive right inside the package. Finally, while the cosmetic appearance of a garage threshold is less important than the function, visibility strips provide safety, and for some homeowners, the option of matching the threshold to the color of the existing floor is a deciding factor.


For more information about how these seals work and how to install them, read below to find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about garage door thresholds.

Q. How do door threshold seals work?

Garage door thresholds are typically made of vinyl or rubber, which are resistant to water. The threshold is installed on the floor of the garage, so the door closes on the threshold. This creates a seal when the garage door is fully closed that protects the garage from water, dust, and pests.

Q. How do you replace a garage door threshold?

Replacing a garage door threshold isn’t difficult. Just clean the area, mark the space where you plan to install the threshold, apply adhesive, and place the threshold. Close the garage door after installation and allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours before opening it.

Q. How can I install a door threshold on a concrete floor?

Door thresholds are normally installed with the use of an adhesive, regardless of the type of garage floor. As long as the concrete floor is clean and relatively level, it’s easy and safe to install a garage door threshold on a concrete floor with adhesive.

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